What We Do: Stone Resurfacing and More in Denver, CO



DO pick up any spill as quickly as you can get to it.
DON’T rub the spill, blot it.
DON’T damp-mop your floor immediately after installation and grouting. For the first week or so vacuum and dust mop (NON-treated dust mop!) your floor as often as you can. You will know it’s ready to be washed when your hands remains clean (no whitish powder) after rubbing it on the floor.


DO damp-mop your floor regularly. We recommend using a solution of water and a cleaner formulated specifically for use on natural stone. Always use a pH neutral detergent; instead of a soap. (Even dish soap will create streaks.)
DON'T use water alone as it won’t cut through soil and will leave streaks.
DON’T damp-mop your floor using a solution of water and vinegar. That would literally be devastating to the finish of marble, travertine, limestone. Vinegar is not a real cleaning agent to begin with and it’s highly acidic (Acetic Acid).
DO dry your floor after cleaning. If your floor is in a foyer, or any other room with direct access to the outside, clean your floor mats often. When they get saturated with dirt and sand they won’t work anymore.